Part A: Pelvic Health Fundamentals
Complete INTEGRATION and INTERNALS to achieve the Part A: Pelvic Health Fundamentals Certificate.
What people are saying about Melissa's courses
"A great informative and eye-opening course, plenty of scope and need for pelvic health physiotherapy. Melissa is a great educator and gets all the points across with a cheeky approach and help from family and dogs."
- Marcel
"Melissa provided a research-based useful course, with information which can be immediately applied in the clinic, and in general life. I highly recommend her courses to anyone interested in pelvic health"
– Ilana
"It was a very refreshing way to be brought up to date with the statistics, anatomy, and current treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction in a non-threatening and fun way. Loads of information, and I feel more confident to expand my history taking questions to best serve my patients."
- Elaine
"I really enjoyed the course. It had a good mix of practical and theory, Melissa's warm presentation style was great and I enjoyed the stories that accompanied it and came away with screening that I could use my very next day in the clinic. I would definitely recommend"
- Jeannie
"I wish everyone spoke so candidly about all things vagina! After this course I can't wait to spread the word to anyone who will listen about how important our nether bits are. This course has truly highlighted the importance of the pelvic floor and has enriched my clinical practice so that I can confidently screen, externally assess and sign-post for many pelvic floor conditions. While strengthening the core remember the floor!"
- Charlotte
"The pelvic health introduction course was a fantastic mix of theory and practical. It was a really relaxed setting which made what could be an uncomfortable topic much less daunting. Melissa is a great teacher and very funny, very easy to learn from! With the added bonus of doggie cuddles, it was one of the best courses I have been on!"
- Laura
"I work with a lot of active sporty post-natal clients who are keen to get back into sport and this course gave me lots of useful info and assessments to help me screen these clients and safely help them to return to what they want to do. Melissa is extremely knowledgeable and a humorous, approachable teacher!"
- Anesa
$1,195 including GST. Save $145 when you purchase INTEGRATION and INTERNALS together.
Includes: INTEGRATION 1 day live online course; access to recording for a limited time; INTERNALS 2 day in-person course with morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea; and completion certificate for 24 hours of CPD once all evaluations completed.
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Register for INTEGRATION and INTERNALS together to complete the Part A: Pelvic Health Fundamentals Certificate
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Part A: Pelvic Health Fundamentals Certificate
1 Day Live Online | 23 March 2024
2 Days In-Person in Kinloch | 6/7 April 2024
 Kinloch Venue: 4 Kanuka Grove, Kinloch
Part A: Pelvic Health Fundamentals Certificate
1 Day Live Online | 17 August 2024
2 Days In-Person in Auckland | 31 Aug/1 Sep 2024
Auckland Venue: Unisports 261 Morrin Road, St Johns
Q. I've already done INTEGRATION and now I want to complete INTERNALS. Click here.

Q. I've already done INTERNALS and now I want to complete INTEGRATION. Click here.