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Part A: Pelvic Health Fundamentals Hong Kong
At the end of this 3-day in-person course, participants will be able to comfortably assess and treat pelvic health patients and call themselves a pelvic health professional.
3 day in-person course
DAY 1: INTEGRATION: Integrating Pelvic Health into Musculoskeletal Practice
This session aims to advance participants' basic knowledge of pelvic, women's and men's health, and provide clinical guidance and practical tools to immediately integrate this knowledge into musculoskeletal clinical practice. You will learn about types of pelvic floor dysfunctions in all genders, maternal birth injuries and ACC coverage, how to complete basic screening for pelvic health conditions and how to externally palpate the superficial muscles of the pelvic floor safely through clothing. We will review exercise guidelines for pregnancy and the post-partum timeframes, as well are the current recommendations for DRAM and pelvic girdle pain. You'll learn how to adjust your standard musculoskeletal care to account for pelvic health conditions as well as learn how to initiate pelvic floor muscle training programmes. Sports and pelvic floor dysfunctions will be discussed, and you'll learn how to take a woman's hormone status into account in relation to your ongoing care of them. By the end of this day, your brain will be full to overflowing regarding pelvic health knowledge and how it applies to your current caseload of patients.
Days 2&3: INTERNALS: Introduction to Pelvic Health Internals
In these sessions, you will learn why pelvic health therapy is the first conservative treatment internationally recommended for many maternal birth injuries and pelvic health conditions. To assess and treat these injuries and conditions, internal examinations are required in most cases. The focus of this weekend is learning how to assess patients using internal examinations (vaginal and rectal). Assessment of the pelvic floor muscles, levator ani avulsions, coccyx injuries, prolapses, and maternal birth injuries will be taught using the latest international guidelines. Peer-to-peer learning is used to maximize your ability to learn new skills. Three practical sessions during the course are provided for you to practice your assessment and treatment skills in a supportive environment.
Incontinence (urinary and faecal), pelvic organ prolapses, bowel issues, sexual dysfunction, and pelvic pain conditions in females and males will be introduced at a basic level. This weekend is clinically focused and will give you tools to enable you to immediately branch into the field of women's and men's pelvic health, and to call yourself a pelvic health therapist.
Females, males, and gender diverse registered health professionals in good standing with their regulatory body are invited to take part in this course.

No prior knowledge of pelvic floor, women's or men's health needed.
Dr Melissa Davidson is the only registered Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic Health in New Zealand. Alongside her 32 years of clinical practice, Melissa has extensive post graduate qualifications including a PhD in Bioengineering, research Masters from The University of Melbourne, a Diploma in Advanced Orthopaedic Manipulations from Canada, and Post Graduate Certificates in Physiotherapy in both Pelvic Floor and Acupuncture. She also has a Certificate in Health Science, is registered with the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand under Specialist Scope of Practice and is a long-term member of Physiotherapy New Zealand. She is the current President of the International Organisation of Physiotherapists in Pelvic and Women's Health.
What people are saying about Melissa's courses
A great informative and eye-opening course, plenty of scope and need for pelvic health physiotherapy. Melissa is a great educator and gets all the points across with a cheeky approach and help from family and dogs - Marcel

I wish everyone spoke so candidly about all things vagina! After this course I can't wait to spread the word to anyone who will listen about how important our nether bits are. This course has truly highlighted the importance of the pelvic floor and has enriched my clinical practice so that I can confidently screen, externally assess and sign-post for many pelvic floor conditions. While strengthening the core remember the floor! - Charlotte

Melissa provided a research-based useful course, with information which can be immediately applied in the clinic, and in general life. I highly recommend her courses to anyone interested in pelvic health – Ilana

The pelvic health introduction course was a fantastic mix of theory and practical. It was a really relaxed setting which made what could be an uncomfortable topic much less daunting. Melissa is a great teacher and very funny, very easy to learn from! With the added bonus of doggie cuddles, it was one of the best courses I have been on! - Laura

It was a very refreshing way to be brought up to date with the statistics, anatomy, and current treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction in a non-threatening and fun way. Loads of information, and I feel more confident to expand my history taking questions to best serve my patients - Elaine

I work with a lot of active sporty post-natal clients who are keen to get back into sport and this course gave me lots of useful info and assessments to help me screen these clients and safely help them to return to what they want to do. Melissa is extremely knowledgeable and a humorous, approachable teacher! - Anesa

I really enjoyed the course. It had a good mix of practical and theory, Melissa's warm presentation style was great and I enjoyed the stories that accompanied it and came away with screening that I could use my very next day in the clinic. I would definitely recommend - Jeannie

Melissa's programme inspired me to pursue a career in pelvic health, and I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this course - Anna

An excellent introduction into Pelvic Health Physiotherapy. Melissa is a great presenter and hostess. She makes a scary topic fun and non-threatening. We all need knowledge of the pelvic floor, everyone has one and everyone needs it to be working effectively! - Megan

What a wonderful course, Melissa delivered her course in a relaxed setting making learning fun and memorable. I have taken so much away from this course and hope I can now help my patients even more, especially with issues they may not readily seek help for – Laura

The course opened my eyes to how extremely important pelvic health is for every patient not only the ladies. It made me feel confident in discussing this topic with patients and made me want to educate as many people on it as possible on it. The course was very educational and practical - Melanie

A super informative, practical course which will be very easy to integrate into work and current practices. Melissa is a fantastic presenter and very easy to listen to and learn from. I will be following up with the second course - Anna

A fantastic way to ascertain whether you are interested in pelvic health. As well as a way to add another layer of understanding to your patient care - Rebecca

A great introduction to treating pelvic health. I have come away feeling more confident in being able to assess and treat pelvic floor issues interrelated to my musculoskeletal treatment - Grace

Really enjoyable course, Melissa is happy to share her knowledge and provide valuable resources and practical training for use with clients. Each course I come away with a few more gems to incorporate into my practice - Nina

A must do, will leave you wanting to know more - Katherine

Was a great course. Learned enough in a day to help me understand the pelvic floor better and how to incorporate it into my clinical practice - Joannes

Brilliant course, highly recommend! - Catherine

Melissa's course is a must for anyone wanting to develop skills in pelvic health physiotherapy. Having the opportunity to practice vaginal and rectal exams in a safe and encouraging space has made me feel so much more confident to be able to pursue this area of physiotherapy further. Melissa makes the course and her style of teaching very approachable and relatable which made me feel so much more at ease to ask questions. I have come away from this course feeling very motivated and inspired to being the career pathway in developing further in pelvic health. Thank you Melissa – Jennifer

This is a great course with a good balance of theory and practical components. Melissa makes everyone feel comfortable no matter your previous experience, nervousness or gender! I highly recommend this course. Also, the food is great! - Derek

Melissa is a great teacher; the course provides a good mix of theory and practical in a safe environment and you come away feeling confident in your new skills – Jenny

The contents of the course was great. Really friendly & supportive learning environment from Melissa and also other colleagues attending the course – Linh

Amazing course, I was hesitant on going the step further into internal exams, but the course was fun, friendly, and not at all scary. The knowledge of the research and the clinical experience Melissa has in this area is very evident in the logical and informative way she has structured this course. I learnt a lot – Nina

Melissa's course on introduction to pelvic floor physiotherapy was a fantastic course that helped me to gain a wealth of knowledge and practical skills for starting to assess and treat pelvic health. Anyone who is looking to focus in this area of Physiotherapy should do this course – Rebecca

Melissa is absolutely amazing at what she does! This has been the best course I've been to - Nicole

A fantastic introduction to internal examinations. Really felt like I learned so much in such a short weekend- Anna

As an Osteopath doing the course, I loved how well it was able to be clinically applied in our line of work. We are lacking on any CPD in this area, here in NZ, so I feel that this really bridges the gap - Angela

Fantastic course. A very comprehensive course that covers relevant information. Melissa provided a save environment for us to learn internals comfortably. Food is also 10/10 every course- Laura

Absolutely a must do for anyone wanting to work in the pelvic health area. Melissa delivers concise, evidence based content in a safe and supportive environment - Megan

It was awesome and I highly recommend it!! - Miyoung

A great informative course to gain the skills of internal assessment and education assisting patients in the journey to improved pelvic health. Very clear presentation which you came away feeling confident and equipped to integrate into your practice immediately. Melissa's sense of humor and professionalism makes the course a pleasure to be part of - Hannah

This is a hands-on practical way of applying knowledge in a way that can really help people - Natalie

I thoroughly recommend Melissa's courses. She is a very knowledgeable and entertaining presenter. The course content and practical assessment skills gained are immediately applicable to clinical practice in pelvic health practice - Sara

This course was perfect for being able to integrate theory and practice, and leave you feeling confident to move in to clinical practice - Teresa

Pre-reading and Evaluations
Three weeks before the course, we will be in touch with details of pre-reading to be completed prior to the course.

You will also need to complete a short pre-course test prior to the course to check your understanding of the pre-reading.

During the in-person weekend on Days 2&3, there will be practical assessments testing clinical assessment skills learned on the weekend to ensure that by the end of the course you are competent. These are completed throughout the weekend and done in a relaxed, comfortable fashion. You will need to pass these assessments to complete the course.

You will also need to complete a post-course test and evaluation within 2 weeks after the course to receive your completion certificate.

$1,195 including GST for the three-day course.
Includes: Day 1 live online with recording available until the in-person weekend 2 weeks later; Days 2&3 in-person weekend with morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea; completion certificate for 24 hours of CPD once all evaluations completed.
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 Kinloch Venue: 4 Kanuka Grove, Kinloch
Auckland Venue: Unisports 261 Morrin Road, St Johns