Intermediate Level Pelvic Health
New for 2022
Investment: $745 including GST for the 2 day course
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The focus of this course will be on upskilling your pelvic health practice. We will cover common clinical conditions that present, different assessment techniques, and the treatment options available to you.

Common conditions will include pelvic organ prolapse, sexual dysfunctions, pelvic pain, bowel and gut health, menopause, and male health issues.

Bladder, bowel, and food diaries will be reviewed, as will common outcome measures such as APFQ, pain scales, and ICS scales. Adjunctive devices such as pelvic floor training devices and apps will be discussed, as well as the importance of sleep, nutrition, stress management, and exercise as it relates to pelvic health.

A review of your vaginal and rectal examination skills will be completed to ensure high standards are being maintained and more advanced practice skills are being used.

What people are saying about Melissa's other courses
Melissa provided a research-based useful course, with information which can be immediately applied in the clinic, and in general life. I highly recommend her courses to anyone interested in pelvic health – Ilana, Integration
I recommend Melissa's course to all Male Physiotherapists who are in private practice this information is valuable in helping your male clients for which there is a significant unmet need - Graeme, Rectal & Gut Health
I wish everyone spoke so candidly about all things vagina! After this course I can't wait to spread the word to anyone who will listen about how important our nether bits are. This course has truly highlighted the importance of the pelvic floor and has enriched my clinical practice so that I can confidently screen, externally assess and sign-post for many pelvic floor conditions. While strengthening the core remember the floor! - Charlotte, Integration
Melissa is a great teacher; the course provides a good mix of theory and practical in a safe environment and you come away feeling confident in your new skills – Jenny, Internals

Amazing course, I was hesitant on going the step further into internal exams, but the course was fun, friendly, and not at all scary. The knowledge of the research and the clinical experience Melissa has in this area is very evident in the logical and informative way she has structured this course. I learnt a lot – Nina, Internals
An excellent day of learning in a fun, supportive environment - Frances, Rectal & Gut Health
How was the food?

- Super yummy, filling, and healthy

- 10/10

- All was delicious

- 10!!!

- Healthy and delicious

- 10/10 - Great to experience the foods talked about for gut health, will be trying more (with my steak!)

Dr Melissa Davidson
Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic Health
PhD, MPhil, Dip.Physiotherapy, B.Science, Dip.Manipulation,
Post Graduate Certificates in Physiotherapy (Pelvic Floor and Acupuncture)
Certificate in Health Science
Registered with the Physiotherapy Board of New Zealand under Specialist Scope of Practice
Member of Physiotherapy New Zealand
There are limited places available on these courses.

To attend this course, you must already be practicing as a pelvic health professional and completing internal vaginal and rectal examinations with patients.

You must be a registered health professional in New Zealand with a regulatory body.

Female and male participants are welcome.

Prerequisite to attend this course: 
Previous pelvic health internal training with Melissa (eg Course 2: Intro to Pelvic Health internals 2021, or Pelvic Health Internals 2022). If you have completed other courses where internal examination skills are taught, please contact Melissa at [email protected] to see if that course qualifies you to attend this intermediate course.
Recommended to attend this course: 
Melissa's Course 1: Integrating Pelvic Health into Musculoskeletal Training 2021, or Pelvic Health Integration 2022.
Additional details:
  • Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea will be provided. If you have specific food requirements or allergies, we recommend you bring your own food with you.
  • As this is a practical course which involves internal examinations, participants must be willing and able to have vaginal and/or rectal examinations done on them by fellow attendees. Participants must also be willing to allow both female and male participants to examine them. This course allows both females and males an opportunity to learn from each other and gain vital, practical clinical skills.
  • We will ensure the environment is private and supportive. Informed consent is discussed in detail on the course, and you will have the ability to consent or not consent to internal examination at the time of the assessments. Some people may have known or unknown 'triggers' that might cause them psychological stresses on the course. Please let Melissa know in advance if you have any known triggers so we can adjust things for you.
  • If you have your period, internal examinations can still be completed. Low risk pregnancies are not a contraindication to internal examinations, however, please get in touch with Melissa to discuss prior to registering on the course.
Pre-reading and Tests:

Pre-reading will be provided to complete prior to the course starting.

A pre-course test needs to be completed prior to the course to ensure the pre-reading has been completed.

There will be practical assessments during the course testing clinical assessment skills learned on the weekend to ensure at the end of the course you are competent. These are completed throughout the weekend and done in a relaxed, comfortable fashion. You will need to pass these assessments to complete the course.

A post-course test and evaluation will need to be completed prior to you receiving your completion certificate.

$745 including GST for the two day course.
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